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Side hustle inspiration.

...Money won't make you happy....but the options it provides might. Relying on one source of income is risky. For most people their 9-5 is the bulk of their income. Relying on your 9-5 puts your destiny in someone else's hands. What if they eliminate your position? Or what if your company goes bankrupt? Having reliable sources of additional income can safe… Continue reading Side hustle inspiration.

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I save thousands of dollars by not buying this.

...This wont work for everyone.                                ...but if it can work for you you'll be happy you did it. Having a car is a luxury. Having the flexibility to go anywhere you want whenever you want is absolutely a great freedom to have, I'm not denying that. However you know what a better freedom to me is?… Continue reading I save thousands of dollars by not buying this.


Maximize your morning potential.

Set yourself up to make the best of your mornings. Get up early Waking up early will give you a head start. While everyone else is asleep get up. to do this you are going to need to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Set your alarm to something thats loud enough to wake… Continue reading Maximize your morning potential.