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+1000 Followers in 32 days, organically.

....I grew my Instagram following by 1000 people in 32 days organically and this is how I did it and what I learned. So first of all I'm sorry for not posting lately, I dove in deep with Instagram this last month and I'm not gonna lie it took up all my time. I set… Continue reading +1000 Followers in 32 days, organically.

Followers, Instagram, Productive Life

Ten tips to improve your Instagram.

...Does your Instagram need a boost? ...Here are some ideas for you to use when you are trying to up you insta-game. 1. Good ContentThis might seem obvious, but if you are just starting out with your Instagram this is a great place to start. Post good content. Don't post the sloppy group pictures that… Continue reading Ten tips to improve your Instagram.