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Ten tips to improve your Instagram.

…Does your Instagram need a boost?

…Here are some ideas for you to use when you are trying to up you insta-game.

1. Good Content

This might seem obvious, but if you are just starting out with your Instagram this is a great place to start.

Post good content. Don’t post the sloppy group pictures that you have of everyone…after probably a glass or two (or four) of wine. (This can be embarrassing for some people in the photo anyways). Don’t post the blurry picture of your kids soccer game, sorry to say it but most people don’t really want a blurry action shot of someone else kids. Take the time to take a good picture.

Honestly you can amp up your Instagram skills by watching some content on Youtube about photography, there is an endless supply of knowledge there. Learn about lighting and learn about the rule of thirds.

Rule of thirds is an easy to understand concept that will make you’re photos easier to look at. This one tip alone will seriously be a huge boost to the pictures that you get and therefore your social media accounts.

2. Lighting

So building on tip number one I wanted to talk about lighting and why it is so important. Dark pictures aren’t aesthetically pleasing, people will gravitate towards a bright and clear photo.

Bad lighting quality is an automatic no.  If you are in a dark space and can’t really control the lighting, your flash is the only option …but honestly without some serious photography skill or expensive equipment you’ll probably end up giving everyone red eye.

So this means that you should be making the best use of the daylight for the best pictures. The sun moves to different locations all day, this means that your lighting style will change as the hours pass, learn more about what time of day you should be shooting pictures and always try to capture in natural light. You wont regret it.

3. Theme

So I personally like a lot of different things, I love to cook,  I enjoy photography,  yoga and so on. But my Instagram is themed around organization, finances and productivity, If you want more Instagram followers you need to find a theme and stick to it!

When you are starting out try a few different things until one feels right.

You will get followers who are also interested in the same things as you, (In my case other people who like to learn about organization.) They will be loyal to your material. Aesthetically this makes your feed easier to look at. It will also give you direction when you are trying to create content.

Pick something you know a lot about and that you enjoy and stick to it! There are so many different videos and apps you can download for theme inspiration. Research and choose something that suits who you are and what your Instagram is about.

I used inspirations from the colour scheme of my apartment. This is a good idea because most of my posts are from inside my home, making it much easier to match. Since its my personal style,  it takes away a lot of the stress from thinking and planning a consistent theme because it comes naturally to me.

4. Keep it consistent

I don’t care what theme you pick, once you start you must stick to it. Choose a colour scheme, choose a post shape (square, triangle.. I saw circles the other day…) and stick with it.

Always remember the top nine pictures on your page are the ones people see when they are going to hit “follow”. Make sure these top nine look good together as a group.

There are lots of different apps that will let you try out different grid layouts (message me for the ones I use) for your top nine photos. I suggest you test it out before you post so you have a general understanding of what all your posts will look like together.

People will click follow if your top nine pictures are engaging, polished and stick with a theme they care about.

Did you know that having a blue theme will get you more traffic to your page? Pages that host ocean pictures or other blue things get more traffic than any other colour scheme.

5. Keep social media social

I don’t care how pretty you are, or how awesome you think your posts are. If you aren’t out there showing support to other Instagram accounts with your active engagement you will never grow your following.

Find people that like the same stuff as you. Like and comment on their posts. This will give them support, give you inspiration and get like minded people to discover your content.

6. Be genuine

Don’t be spammy, don’t just post a heart emoji on someones page and expect much back. Be nice to people, say stuff you mean. Your followers are people, really people don’t forget that.

Don’t try to sound like another successful page you’ve seen. You have something that no one else has.. which is your own personal style of doing things. So be yourself.

Brush off people that don’t see your vision and move forward with it anyways. You need to have tough skin. Those “friends” that view every story you post but never hit the like button will happen, don’t let it bother you. People are intimidated by people doing things they aren’t comfortable with doing themselves and that’s on them not you.

If you sound spammy or like an advertisement you are never going to have followers that are loyal to who you are and what your content is about.

7. Link your accounts.

Don’t be afraid to tell your snap chat or your Facebook that you are working on your Instagram. It doesn’t happen all at once but slowly and surely your followers from other platforms will follow your Instagram.  This is of course if you are sticking to tip #1 and Tip #6.

8. Post More

Okay so you have 100 really nice posts. That’s 100 chances you’ve had to promote your content. Why would you stop there? Every time you post something someone new might see it, or someone who already follows you might get inspired. You never know what can happen it only takes one post to go viral so keep posting as often as you can. Me being the organized person, I am always making sure that I have at least six new posts a week, and I post to my story everyday. To stay consistent with this I plan what days I am going to post. I schedule out when I am going to post them based on my analytics (if you haven’t switched to a business account you should) to get the most traffic.

9. Plan out your posts

Do not just pick a random picture in your phone and post it. Plan what you are going to post. What is the theme? What message are you trying to send? What time of day is it? What should you wear to match your theme? Or where should you shoot to maximize the light. Be intentional with your posting. 

10. Use your Hashtags.

Go to word processor and type out a bunch of hastags  (You can use up to thirty in each post and I think you should) that is consistent with your theme. Update – The new algorithm is starting to crack down on hashtag use, do some research on “shadow blocking”, this sucks but it’s the new reality.

You need to research your hashtags. Don’t post #photography because there are MILLIONS of posts that have that same hashtag and you will just be scrambled in there and probably never seen.

You want to pick hashtags that are smaller. A good rule is no more than 4 times your followers. If you have a following of 1000 people you want to find hashtags that have about 4000 other posts. 

So this is my list guys, I have lots more tips if you guys liked this post let me know and I can do a more detailed one!

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