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Things I don't buy anymore.

…The best way to manage your finances is to pay attention to them.

….The difference organization can make in your financial health will impress you.

We are all the some of our experiences. Working towards organization and peace in my life has been a process. Financial struggles and hard lessons are 100% what made me take control and change my circumstances. It wasn’t all at once but little by little things started to get better.  This is a list one of the first things I got rid of while cleaning up my finances that made a HUGE difference in my life.

Excess data

For me, my phone is a huge part of my life. I use it to monitor everything. My trading account, my calendar, my friends, my social media, my business, my blog, my photography,  all the way to my period cycle. So for me saying yes to LOTS of data made sense. I had like 4 gigs of data and still was using it up. Was 140.00-190.00 dollars a month worth the freedom to watch my friends Insta stories without a second thought?

Well, lets say my bill was on average 170.00/month thats 2040.00/annual.

But I also am paying for internet at home so overall I am paying about 2820.00/Annual for internet access whenever I want.

Okay fine. So I am gonna need the internet for the rest of my life right? Definitely. So assuming I live to be a happy internet surfing 85 year old. (For this example I’m gonna pretend that inflation doesn’t happen but it will)

Principal cost of internet at current billing average (170.00/month)  = 157,920.00 

But what If I reduce my excess data to something a little more restrictive like 1 gig a month. I do have wifi at work and at home I can handle 1 gig with a little discipline. So I shopped around, and you can too and switched my plan to Kodoo and it costs me 50.00 dollars a month and I have 1 gig of data.

My new reduced cost to have internet is now 1380.00/Annual

So over my lifetime I will pay 78,660.00 for internet access instead of 157,920.00 ….. Lowering something as simple as how many gigs of data I have will increase my overall lifetime net worth potential by………….79,260.00.

Pro Tip: I’m saving 1440.00 every year with this reduced data plan. Lets say we take that money and put it into a very low risk investments that gives 3% returns until we are 85 instead?

Instead of watching snap chat stories in the line at the DMV…. I actually have ………….. 224,887.23. A Quarter of a million dollars.

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