Beauty, Mornings

Beauty routine.

…….I don’t care what they say, looking good makes me feel good.

                                    …..Here is how I organize my beauty routine to make sure I never miss a a step. 

Schedule it

No, I’m not saying that you should have a day planner for your beauty routines.  However I do find for me that its easier if I put certain tasks in the morning and certain tasks in the evening. For instance

I wash my face in the morning with a brightening facial cleanser, I apply my moisturizer and day serums. I curl and style my hair and my makeup routine happens in the morning.

In the evening I will take care of showering, shaving and moisturizing all my other skin. I wash my hair every third day and this also will take place in the evening.  As well as finger nail maintenance (I save so much money on doing my nails at home, more on that here) Whatever your routine looks like make sure you have set out times this gives you a morning and evening routine get familiar with it and do it every day.

Make getting ready fun

Listen to music you like, drink a delicious coffee, try out new looks.

ProTip: You know that while your finger nails are drying you have the perfect excuse to not do anything else. Take a little break and tell everyone in your house your fingernails are drying if they bother you! haha.

Record it

I have goals when it comes to how I look. We all have areas we are working on.

For me this is how I stay accountable,

I take a picture of my bare face after it been washed once a week.

I take a picture of my body front and side view once a week.

I have a fancy scale that records lots of different body measurements and i record those once a week. (I do this on Tuesdays)

I like having these pictures because if I make progress in a good direction they make me feel good and if I’m not making progress it helps me know i need to work harder on fitness or skin care or whatever.

I also like having these pictures to record my life, and how I looked. I think its going to be a cool thing to look back on when I’m in my advanced years.

Having pictures of my bare skin helps me notice improvements (or lack of improvements) on different skin products I’m using. Lets be serious face creams are expensive and confusing. It helps me to have these pictures to see if anything that was listed on the bottle is actually happening. This helps me save money on products and also buy stuff that works for me.

Saving up for expensive care options

I’ll say it, getting older scares me. I don’t want to look in the mirror one day and be disappointed with what I see. With todays technology and our knowledge and resources there is no reason to feel disappointed in your aging process. Of course this looks different for everyone and to each their own. For me I like to save money to give myself options in the future. Weather it be injections, surgery, veneers, a personal trainer, a manicure every week, laser treatments whatever. I save money for the day when I might want these things. Read here on how I make passive income on my short term savings.



Hate it or love it, if you want to stay fit and healthy looking and feeling you need to do some sort of physical activity. For me this is yoga. More about that fullsizeoutput_369e.

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