Maximize your morning potential.

Set yourself up to make the best of your mornings.

Get up early

Waking up early will give you a head start. While everyone else is asleep get up. to do this you are going to need to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Set your alarm to something thats loud enough to wake you up but also gentle enough not to startle you into your day. Wake up with the right attitude. Today is another day to make your dreams happen. Get up!


For me coffee is the best part about my morning routine. I have a Keurig that I set the night before loaded up with my favourite coffee. In my half asleep daze I can get coffee on without a big fuss. The smell of coffee makes me feel better and wakes me up. If you don’t like coffee thats cool! This can look like something else for you. Having a healthy smoothy when you wake up or getting your organs moving with a glass of water.

Check your bank accounts, read the news, get market updates for the day.

Financial fitness is so important to facilitating your dreams. So I like to get my finances at the front of my mind in the morning. While I enjoy my coffee I check my accounts, I read relevant educational news. (Not the time for celebrity gossip) I will also check where my investment portfolio is at. Read here if you want to learn more about my finances and strategies.

Do something you enjoy while you get moving.

I love music, we all do right? Listening to music that makes me feel good and happy during my morning routine is a must. Dancing around and setting a mood or musical theme for my day makes me feel happy. Listen to your pump up music and get shit done! Here is a list of music I love for the morning.

Look your best.

Facing the world with your best face will give you confidence that will help you during your day. People will receive you better if you look put together and radiate confidence. I cannot feel confident when I know I could look better.  I style my hair, I do my makeup, I wear an outfit that makes me feel good that expresses my personal individuality.  Even if I am not going out and I’m working from home. I will always put on a flattering pair of jeans and do a light makeup.

Get my food for the day

I pack my lunch the night before, I take the time to make food I truly enjoy. I make sure I have enough food for my day and also that its food that lines up with my health and fitness goals.  Making my lunch the night before saves me so much time in the morning. This saves me so much money too, we all know eating out costs a fortune and often time when eating at a restaurant I will make bad choices health wise, having a lunch I like prepared before hand keeps me on track.

Set up to do list.

I am a huge fan of making lists! If you’ve read any of my other posts you know this. My daily todo list is my biggest and most important one. I make this list before I leave the house. It sorts out my tasks for the day and make sure I don’t forget anything during the hectic day. Crossing things off this list during the day motivates me to keep going.

Make it easy not to forget things.

Sometimes in the morning despite my best efforts I still feel rushed. I try to make things as easy as possible for myself.  I set my lunch at the front of the fridge the night before. I get my purse organized with my notebooks and laptop. That mights be a book bag or briefcase for you but same idea. Make sure keys, wallet, phone, computer charger, bus pass and any other logistical necessities are ready for you at the door. I find it helpful to have chargers at all your stations. Work, Car, Couch, Bed, Desk.

Get your attitude in check before you leave the house and be excited about all the awesome stuff you are going to accomplish today.

Any other things you do for a productive morning? Let me know in the comments!

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