Things I do daily to live my best life.

Waking up early

Waking up early gives you the flexibility you need to set yourself up for a good day. Waking up after five snoozes puts you behind. You will have to sacrifice something in your morning routine or worse, be late for what your obligations are and that does not set up a good tone for the rest of your day. Relieve stressful situations in the morning by preparing. If you want more tips on how to make the most out of your morning here is a link.

Have a good morning routine.

Setting yourself up for success is half of being successful. Being organized in the morning will help make every day go smoother make you more productive.  I have a healthy morning routine list for more ideas here is a link. Something as small as setting your coffee pot the night before can make a world of difference.

Get exercising out of the way

For me, exercise has always been a little challenging. I’m lucky that my genetics have kept me slim but overall health especially as we get older is key to everything. Without your health the world becomes so much more difficult. What works for me is I do yoga for my exercise. It helps me clear my brain. I am naturally an anxious person. Yoga gets my body moving and prepared for the demands it will have during the day. I love yoga and found it a welcoming and accessible form of exercise to start out as a beginner. A good beginner yoga site is linked Here. I do yoga one hour a day. Getting this out of the way in the morning really sets a healthy tone to my day. Feeling my body working with me first thing in the morning and also checking in with myself mentally gives me a good platform to pursue my goals.

Checking your finances.

For me, financial flexibility and comfort is hugely important to my mental health. Having cash to give me options to do the things that I enjoy is critical.  Every morning I check and record every one of my accounts. I write down how much is in each one and how much should be. I like to trade stocks, I save using mutual funds,  I have checking and saving accounts. I am always working on passive income sources and make sure these are running smoothly. Its important for me to have a good picture of where I am financially so I know exactly where I need to make my moves to have MORE money tomorrow. More about my stock trading and how I make money doing this.

Productive use of downtime.

I take the bus to my 9-5 everyday. I do this for two reasons, one, cars are expensive and I rather use the money I am making towards new business ideas or treating myself to clothes or other things I enjoy. Read here why NOT having a car is an incredible financially freeing option.  I use my bus time to listen to education podcasts that line up to my goals and aspirations, learning about ALL kinds of different tools to help me succeed and to get my brain juices flowing. I use the app Otto Radio on my phone with headphones and I people watch. The bus or public transport connects me to my city and the people in it and I come up with some of my best ideas there.

Have a food plan in order.

For so many of us, fitness and health are top of our list for goals or things we want to get better at.  For me, I write out a daily food consumption list. Yes, maybe this is a bit neurotic. I break it down: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Supper. I bring what I need to eat with me to work and I prepare my lunches the night before. I also know exactly what I need at the grocery store and when I am meal prepping. I make my grocery list as well. Having an organized eating plan saves me money on groceries and helps me minimize mistakes.  This saves me so much money and also keeps me on track with my eating goals. Of course some days I lose my battle to eat healthy and save money like we all do but the point is that most days I don’t and I find making this list every morning to be so helpful. Read here for my grocery planning list and tips.

More lists!

I make a daily to do list every day, This covers things I absolutely need to take care of at work or during that day: “Email Karen regarding yoga retreat,” ” all they ways to “organize your junk drawer,” etc.  Having an obtainable and realistic to do list will help me eliminate procrastination and being forgetful. Crossing things off a small to do list also helps to keep me motivated.  Its a pleasant reminder that you are working in the right direction.

Goal Lists

This is HUGE for me.

I have detailed goal lists for 6 months 1 year and 5 years and then a “Non Negotiable” list.

My six month list will have things like “add another 2000 dollars to your travel account.”

My 1 year will have things like “read 15 new books regarding market trading.”

My five year list will have things like “have a profitable side hustle you love.”

My non negotiable list will look like “have passive income and financial flexibility so you have the freedom to travel the world,” or “always treat the people you love as a priority and help them grown in their lives.” These are more vague and more like my “life mottos” or “dreams”

Goals are personal and can look like so many different things. For me, writing them down, reading them, editing them, and changing them as I evolve and learn more about what’s important to me keeps me focused and on my best path.

Don’t give yourself detractors.

This is a big one for me. I was never able to be as productive as I am now when I was always letting detractors get into my life. Partying and alcohol were big detractors for me. Being hungover sucks, making bad choices while drinking sets you back, alcohol and drugs can make you anxious and damage your mental health according to SCIENCE. Anything that hinders your health and happiness is bad for you. Drinking makes you fat, it gives you a plethora of health complications after prolonged use. It makes working out hard and hinders your progress. It makes healthy eating goals more difficult to obtain. It can put strain on your relationships and is also expensive. I cut that out and it was the best change for me by far. More about sobriety here.

Detractors can also be people. You know who they are in your life because they make you feel bad. Get rid of them. Even if its hard. Even if its family. Abuse is unacceptable and no one needs to live with it. Take yourself away from these people at all costs.

Always surround yourself with things that are helping you grow!

I hope this list was helpful! Let me know what your think 🙂

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